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Do You Have A Book Idea Trapped On The Inside Of You?

Do you struggle with taking your ideas from your mind and transferring them to paper? 

Do you find yourself procrastinating? 

Do you struggle with organizing your ideas?

Do you struggle with choosing the right options for publishing and marketing your book?

If you answered YES,

to the above questions don't worry, I will

Hold You Accountable As

Your Writing Coach To 

Unveil your ideas, 

Express your thoughts & 

Inspire your reader through your story.

I have helped inspiring authors just like

you write and publish their book complete with

ISBN number and listed 

for sale on Amazon and other bookseller websites.

Are You Ready To...

Let go of Fear and start writing with confidence?

Turn your dreams of becoming a published author into a reality?

See your book on Amazon alongside some of your favorite authors?

Market and monetize your book as a source of income for your family?

As your writing coach, I will ensure you...

Feel confident & supported during your writing sessions

Are not overwhelmed and stressed

Survive writer's block and distractions as it arises

Remain focused, on-track & motivated to do your best work

Complete a Self-Published Book From Cover Design to Printing

Coaching Sessions With Me…

Are one-on-one personalized sessions: Virtual, In-person and/or telephone to meet your needs in the writing process 

I will assist you in brainstorming your ideas from perception to reality

I will help you to identify ways to help you excel beyond roadblocks, distractions and procrastination 

I will hold you accountable to finishing your book  

I will provide you access to my industry expertise around writing and publishing 

Are we a Great Fit?

My ideal coaching clients are…

✔ Ready to take action to write and publish their book

✔ Determined to take their dream of writing a book into a reality

✔ Prepared to put in the work necessary to write and publish their book

✔ Ready to invest in their desire to become a published author

If this sounds like you,

Book A Free Discovery Call Today

Access to Your Masterpiece 

📚Client can ensure their project is not a one-person show. While I oversee the entire book, I have a team that offers varying skill sets and specialties working together to ensure our clients dreams of becoming a self-published author becomes a reality. 

📚Ownership and rights to your book are yours alone. All of your ideas are held in strict and complete confidentiality.


I was clueless about writing a book. Until I met Regina Robinson, she became my writing coach in May 2017. Which was one of the best days of my life. I remember our first call she gave me so much hope, I knew I had selected the right person for the task. The process at times was not always easy but with Regina help the process became better. I just want to say thank you again Regina Robinson for helping me make one of my dreams come true. You were a pleasure to work with. Everyone loves my book, they say this book was so well written and very professional.

Lonnetta Grant

Author, Transformational Speaker & Coach

It is a privilege and an honor to write this testimonial about my coach and sister-friend Regina Robinson who was instrumental in supporting me in producing my first book. After opening the box that contained the first copies of my book, I wept! Then, I spent a few days reflecting on the amazing journey I traveled to get to this place of complete and overwhelming joy and satisfaction, much of which I attribute to my incredible writing coach, Regina Robinson and her phenomenal team. Working full time and running two businesses and then adding the commitment to writing a book was hard, but with Regina at my side I couldn’t fail. Every time I wanted to shrink back and put the manuscript on the shelf, Regina was right there with tough love, encouragement, and her personal sacrifice of time constantly reminding me of my vision and goals. She is a God-fearing woman and native from New Jersey, so there’s no fluff, she’s mission focused. She kept me on track to meet all the necessary deadlines from the coordination and imagery for the photo session for the book cover to final print and sales strategy. Regina worked with me as a partner; she stood with me up until I held my book in my hands and beyond! Frankly, she regularly exceeded my expectations by working in areas outside of the book development such as making sure I was properly prepared, not only for the book launch but ensured I had all of the marketing tools and resources leading up to the big event which included her being the MC at my Book Launch. She’s amazing! Regina’s superior editing skills and advance knowledge of the self-publishing process are unmatched. Regina is a perfectionist and as a result, my book is PERFECT!


Today, Regina Robinson is still one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters and I am one of her biggest fans. Today, as I am contemplating my next book, know without a shadow of a doubt that I will engage Regina Robinson Enterprises. 

Maria Stanfield 

Transformational Speaker, CEO, & Author

There comes a point in everyone's life when a dream you have had for years become one of the most important things in your life. What do you do when that dream seems a million miles away because you do not quite know how to get there? For years I had the dream of publishing a book to tell my story of growing up in the foster care system and how I overcame so much adversity. It was my dream to inspire others to overcome their fears and accomplish their dreams through sharing my story.

This year my dream became a reality thanks to the expertise of Regina Robinson from Regina Robinson Enterprises LLC. Regina was referred to me by a friend who also worked with her. From the moment I first reached out to Regina, she exuded professionalism through the entire process. Going into the process, I had many concerns; would she be sensitive to my story, would she be attentive to my needs and would it be worth my time and resources. Well, I can truly say she surpassed my expectations on all of these concerns! During our first face-to-face meeting, she attentively listened to my story and visualized the best way to convey my story into a book. During my first meeting Regina helped me to outline and name every chapter in my book. I left that meeting feeling empowered that I could accomplish my life dream of telling my story and becoming a published author. 

From that point on, Regina was there to assist me through every phase of my journey to becoming a published author. She was instrumental in the process of editing, formatting, cover design and assisting with

self-publishing and book signing. 

I can truly say that I would not have done this without her. If you are interested in publishing a book, I highly recommend Regina Robinson Enterprise.

Theresa F. Gibson, MPA

"Single Rhose"

SKA "Multiplicity"

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Phenomenal Phi Sigma Chapter

Imagineit.2.A.T (Imagine Your Best: Dressed to a Tee!)

Get To Know Regina Robinson

As I travel the world meeting women the common denominator we all share is that we are battling with overcoming the past hurt, pain and disappointment in our lives. As women we are succumbed by the fear of failing, feeling overwhelmed with how to balance life, and falsely hiding within the confinement of depression. 


I can connect! I was once standing in that same space. I would wake up daily hiding in the confinements behind my closed blinds. Hiding from the light. Why? I knew the light meant I had to face the reality that I was depressed, I did not love myself, and I lacked confidence. However, when I showed up you could not tell. I had learned how to mask the pain I was feeling.


God took me through a purging season in my life. It was not easy. In fact it hurt, however it was the most amazing experience I ever encountered. Why? God allowed me to get to know me. He taught me how to love me. He reminded me that I was more than enough. The biggest revelation in my journey was writing and publishing my first book on my own Fearlessly Strutting In Your Confidence. Hearing women and men who read my book share how it blessed their lives were truly amazing. Remember you experienced your story, however it is not just for you. Someone needs to know they can get to the other side through the testimony of your journey.


Since then I have published a second book an Amazon Best Seller – Winning The Game Of College Admissions. Also, I have assisted and collaborated in several book projects and have helped countless authors behind the scene to reveal their story so that others can be blessed.


My talent of helping writers I attribute to my Father above and every chance I get I shout from the rooftop how great my God is.

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